A Higher Standard

No matter the circumstances, we always do the right thing in the most responsible and ethical way possible. We are known for our uncompromised integrity, due diligence, and honesty.
Tax Cases

Digitalization, economic conditions, and public policy are changing the shape of taxation. With scrutiny by tax authorities increasing, clients rely on our comprehensive understanding and fresh approaches to prevent and resolve tax disputes.


In short, transaction law “deals with what people do, rather than what they think,” according to the American Bar Association. We help our clients negotiate and draft contracts as well as mediate disputes that may arise from contractual agreements.


The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) is a federal law that sets minimum standards for retirement and health plans. Sutkowski attorneys represent employers, fiduciaries, boards of directors, benefit plans, and plan administrators in all aspects of ERISA litigation.

Experienced Professionals

This isn’t our first rodeo. For more than four decades we have provided our clients with a high level of legal advocacy supported by our deep understanding of procedural rules and substantive issues.