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Capital Partners, Ltd.
Business combination of Capital Partners, Ltd. And related business enterprises with John Deere & Co.
Care Information Systems, Inc. Merger
Merger of Care Information Systems, Inc. located in Springfield, Illinois, into VantageMed Coporation, located in Los Angeles, California.
Creative Products, Inc. of Rossville Share Sale
The sale of all of its shares to International Home Foods, Inc., Creative Products, Inc. of Rossville, an S corporation; Creative was engaged in the development and production of private label cooking sprays, hair sprays and the like for distribution by internationally known customers, e.g., Kroger, Weight Watchers, and Topco.
Deere & Co., Valmont Industries, Inc., and Capital Partners, LLC Joint Venture
Joint Venture among Deere & Co., Valmont Industries, Inc., of Texas, and Capital Partners, LLC of Atlanta, Georgia.
DMI, Inc.
Purchase of 100% of the shares of DMI, Inc., located in Goodfield, Illinois by its ESOP.
Farmhand, Inc
Business combination of Farmhand, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and The Tye Company of Lockney, Texas.