Interviews with Interesting People

Created and hosted by Ed Sutkowski, Interesting People is an American podcast program produced in Peoria, Illinois. Interesting People features men and women who have made their mark in the arts, business, education, science, healthcare, and sports. Ed’s modest demeanor and insatiable curiosity starts with his belief that there is always something new to be discovered in the backdrop of your daily life. The key to the program’s success is that Ed’s base knowledge, preparation and approach gain the interviewee’s respect. From there, good things follow. Ed asks nontraditional questions of his guests which leads to lively conversations mixed with insight and humor. While Ed is quite accomplished in his own right, he never overshadows whoever is on the air, and always gets the best out of his guests. That is a skill that comes with experience and the self-confidence of knowing that this is not about me.
Episode 99
Colt Sandberg

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with world traveler and eclectic performing artist Colt Sandberg.

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Episode 97
George T. Shaheen & Gerald L. Shaheen

The identical twin Shaheen brothers, George and Gerry, are from Elmwood, Illinois, year 2005 population 1,889; Both twins received their “hands on” undergraduate education by bagging groceries and trimming meat at the Elmwood/Shaheen grocery store.

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Episode 96
J. William Maloney & Robert W. Schultz

Both Bill and Bob discussed the current state of farming – the number of acres required to make a living, the investment in equipment and the increase in the value of farm land with its impact on the “family farm.”

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Episode 95
Neil E. Harl, Ph.D.

Neil is the Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture and Emeritus Professor of Economics at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

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